Target Employees Help Teenage Job-Seeker, Goes Viral

yasir.moore_.chikfila400Earlier this week, teenager Yasir Moore ran into a Target store in Raleigh, North Carolina, on his way to a job interview at a nearby Chick-fil-A fast food restaurant. Moore was in need of a clip-on tie before the interview. The store did not have clip-on ties in stock, but kind employees helped the teen tie a classic tie from the store’s selection and sent him off to his interview.

A shopper in the store at the time, Audrey Mark, saw the good Samaritans in action and decided to share a photo of the heartwarming incident on social media. It went viral within minutes. Another witness, Burnita Matthews, said, “It just really touched my heart. You hear so many bad things now; you don’t hear about people helping people.”

The workers at Target went above and beyond their job requirements, helping the teen organize his outfit and going on to show him how to properly shake hands and answer common job interview questions. Target manager R.J. Jasso said, “It’s part of our job. At Target, we want to make sure we engage every guest.”

Chick-fil-A confirmed, in an update, that Moore has since been hired for the position for which he interviewed and will begin training this Friday.