Sexy S&M Ladies Flirt their Way Into Prison and Break Out 28 Inmates

jailbreak1Forget spending years digging “Shawshank Redemption” type tunnels or elaborate Attica-style uprisings. Apparently, all you need to break out of prison is a sexy policewoman costume!

When three women in S&M outfits showed up at 3:00 AM last Thursday, at a prison in Brazil, they managed to convince the guards on duty to let them in – promising them a night of drinking and lust! What the guards at Nova Mutum prison didn’t know is that they had become the weak link in a plot to help 28 inmates escape the high security facility.

The Telegraph reports how the guards ushered the scantily-clad ladies into some empty sleeping quarters. The women proceeded to spike the guards’ whiskey with sleeping pills, strip the guards naked, handcuff them, steal their keys and unlock all of the inmates’ cells. Apparently, they ran off with three rifles as well. Local police chief Angelina de Andrades Ferreira confirmed that, “The plan was to seduce them…whoever wanted to escape left by the front door.”

According to reports, the guards were discovered the next morning, nearby a bag of ladies’ “naughty police officer” costumes. “From the moment they drank the whisky, the agents don’t remember a thing,” said Andrades.


The guards have been arrested and are facing charges. In the meantime, the police apprehended eight of the escaped prisoners on Friday and are still following the trail of the others. Bruno Amorim, one of the prisoners at large, is believed by police to be the mastermind of the plot, assisted by his (apparently very convincing) girlfriend. He was serving a sentence for attempted murder, robbery and possession of a firearm.

Residents of Brazil, please be wary of any sexily-dressed ladies knocking on your door. What seems like a harmless alcohol-fueled S&M sex party with complete strangers might wind up as a very unpleasant hostage situation.


Let’s hope that they looked something like this…