Watch: Mayor of Jerusalem Tackles Knife Attack Suspect In The Street

On the afternoon of February 22nd, Nir Barkat, 55, the mayor of Jerusalem, happened to be walking down a street near City Hall with his bodyguard when he noticed a man being stabbed nearby. Footage from security cameras show the mayor and his bodyguard approaching and eventually lunging at the attacker, later identified as an 18-year-old Palestinian living illegally in Israel. The pair continued to restrain the attacker on the ground until others took charge of the situation.

Minutes earlier, the individual had stabbed an ultra-Orthodox Jewish passerby and threatened others nearby. The victim was rushed to the hospital and was determined to have suffered only minor wounds.

“My bodyguard took out his weapon and when he aimed at the terrorist, the terrorist dropped his knife and we immediately tackled him on the ground to make sure that he cannot continue with the terror attack,” said Barkat, a former paratrooper, in an interview after the incident.

Barkat was elected to the position of mayor in 2008, and has since witnessed a lot of unrest in the city, home to communities of secular Jews, Palestinians and Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Only a few months earlier, eleven Israelis were killed in an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue.

Watch Barkat (in white) heroically tackle the terrorist in the clip below: