British Special Forces en Route to Hunt Down ISIS Terrorist “Jihadi John”

Elite-SAS400Coming on the tail of the release of the identity of the infamous British ISIS militant known as “Jihadi John” to the public – it is now being reported that British Special Air Service (SAS), a branch of the military, has launched the biggest mission since the September 11th attacks mission to hunt down the terrorist, 26-year-old Mohammad Emwazi, formerly of London.

According to government sources, after weeks of training, undercover SAS teams flew on commercial flights to a secret location in the Middle East last week. Keeping a low profile is necessary in order not to upset local politics in the very sensitive region.

Aside from capturing or exacting revenge on the British citizen-turned-terrorist who beheaded British hostages Alan Henning and David Haines on video, the SAS team might also aim to rescue remaining hostages, including British photographer John Cantlie. In the video released by ISIS, in which Jihadi John is shown beheading Mr. Haines, the murderer verbally taunted British Prime Minister David Cameron, saying, “If you, Cameron, insist on fighting the Islamic State then you, like your master Obama, will have the blood of your people on your hands.”

Cameron made it clear that he will not wait for Parliament’s approval before starting an operation to hunt down the infamous British terrorist. “I very clearly reserve the position that if you need to act immediately, either to secure a vital British interest or to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, you would act first and go to the House of Commons afterwards.”

It is believed that US Special Forces have already made one unsuccessful attempt to track and capture Jihadi John.