Two Tie Knots Every Guy Should Know


Tie a tie300If you’re old enough to be reading this and you don’t already know how to tie your own ties, it’s definitely time.

Here’s how:

1. The Four-In-Hand

This is a classic tie knot. Its versatility means you can use it with shirts of varying collar styles.


Alternative: Double Four-In-Hand

This variation on the Four-in-Hand simply has a bit more flair. It creates a knot with a bit more body and mass.

2. The Windsor

The Windsor knot is larger than the ones we previously tried. It’s tailored for spread and cutaway collar styles.


These are the only two knots you will ever really need to know. Anything else is just outdated silliness. Unless you own a men’s tailoring business, or are starting a blog about Saville Row, don’t waste your time. What you could do is take a short lesson on different shirt collar types and what they are appropriate for.