The Most Ridiculous Bridesmaids Dresses Ever

Brides are known to be quite demanding, and it’s usually the bridesmaids who are forced to cater to their every whim. Usually, it’s the bridesmaids’ dresses that make for the worst bridal demand. Brides tend to go a little crazy before their wedding, and it results in some very weird choices for these gowns. The photos we found made us genuinely question the sanity of these brides and their dear friends – who would want to dress their friends so hideously, and which friend would agree to be in such a garment?

We have the puffy, the neon, the super hat vibe, and one that was taken in a place so ridiculous that we’re not sure if it is a joke or not. These bridesmaids made sure not keep the dresses after the wedding, but these photos will live on forever in the digital world.

That being said, even though these bridesmaids went through their share of pain and humiliation for wearing the dresses they did, at least it wasn’t a complete failure. The bridesmaids that dressed up in these wacky getups (as you’ll soon see) will always have a special place in the bride’s heart.

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