1960s Fashions That Still Look Cool Today


There are plenty of times when we look at old photos of ourselves and wonder “What the hell was I thinking, wearing that outfit?!” Unfortunately, many trends we thought were very “contemporary” don’t stand the test of time. That’s why it’s especially cool to see these vintage photos of high school students in 1960s California. The outfits they wore then are just as cool and hip today as they probably were then.

These photos come from a 1969 LIFE Magazine project that aimed to capture the “wacky” hippie fashions that had become popular among American high school students. Back then, these avant-garde styles represented the upheaval going on in American society and new ideas about sexuality, music, government and self-expression, but the kids in these photographs could be hipsters on any Manhattan or California campus today. What might seem simply “revealing” or “retro” to us today was actually quite revolutionary in those days!

Have a look, and let us know which are your favorites.