The 5 Most Violent Cute Animals

killer-dolphins4001. Dolphin

These sweet mammals – shockingly intelligent and beloved because of Hollywood depictions like the TV show “Flipper” – can also be quite brutal.

In the 1990s, marine biologists on both sides of the Atlantic began to notice a large amount of dead porpoises and baby dolphins washing up on coastal shores. Researchers realized that male dolphins were, for no apparent reason, killing indiscriminately.

2. Koala

These adorable tree-huggers have a very grim side. While they usually spend most of their lives eating and sleeping (22 hours a day, at times), they can also get into fits of rage, using their extremely sharp teeth and claws to attack or defend themselves against perceived threats.

3. Hippopotamus

The lumbering, funny-looking hippo is, statistically, a more dangerous killer of humans than lions or tigers.

They possess a deadly combination of tremendous size, speed (up to 30 miles per hour) and natural aggressiveness. Hippos do not shy away from attacking boats, humans, crocodiles and jeeps.

4. Swan

The ubiquitous subject of sonnets, poems and paintings can sometimes be a merciless murderer.

At Pembroke Castle in Wales, one male swan was recorded as having killed 15 others by means of biting, battery, breaking bones and underwater suffocation.

A locally-infamous swan in the Cam River in Cambridge, England, terrorized rowers for years – biting, assaulting, capsizing small boats and more. It got bad enough that the local rowers made an appeal to the queen to have him removed.

5. Slow Loris

The lesser-known loris looks strange and sweet from the outside while he conceals a mouthful of killer teeth and venom-filled elbows. When threatened, a loris will expose his elbows, which – when they come in contact with an enemy – excrete a deadly poison. Loris bites have been known to leave humans in anaphylactic shock.