Sci-Fi Becomes Reality: Boeing Has Patented an Actual Force Field

630x360xboeing_star_wars.jpg,qitok=B0vWN0XA.pagespeed.ic.fNYu3RvaFWBoeing, the company that makes almost every plane you’ve ever flown on, as well as rockets, satellites and engines, has now been granted a patent for its latest innovation: a force field that can protect vehicles of all kinds from attack. The technology could be used to hyper-protect not only vehicles on land, but also water-bound and underwater vehicles like submarines and boats.

The news, reported in Popular Science magazine, sounds like a case of life mimicking sci-fi. The “force field” in question is actually a layer of heated water or air that could be created around a vehicle whenever a nearby explosion is detected, thus repelling damaging forces that are less dense than the shield layer itself.

Here is an excerpt from Boeing’s patent application that shows the technology on a military Humvee:

Boeing force field patent

This diagram from Boeing shows how a military Humvee would be fitted with the device:

Boeing force field

Here is a Boeing diagram depicting the force field itself:

Boeing force field diagram

Here’s Boeing’s full patent filing:

Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc