The 10 Best Dog Breeds



So you want a dog? Don’t know which kind to get? Look no further! Every dog breed has its own unique biological and behavioral characteristics. Do you have kids? Do you live in a big house or small apartment? Depending on your lifestyle, schedule and preferences, certain types of dogs will fit you and your family better than others. Here is a list of the 10 best dog breeds for homesĀ of all kinds:

10. Bulldog

Bulldogs are built tough but have dispositions of gold – making them perfect for a house full of playful, mischievous kids. Requiring minimal grooming and exercise – they’re also one of most low-maintenance breeds around. This slightly lazy dog can easily live in a small apartment or large house. If you live in a warm climate however, be careful about the dog’s exposure to sun and heat (mostly in the summer) – they’re very sensitive to both.


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