Forget Guns, This Flashlight Is Bright Enough To Blind A Bear!

0207dd8af60c1331d2dad23ba73e3049As any vigilant prepper knows, a reliable flashlight is an important survival tool to keep on hand. It is also one of the few self-defense tools that can travel with you pretty much anywhere, even the airport, without raising eyebrows.

Why do you need it? 1 core reason:

Defend yourself. A flashlight can be used tactically to ward off an attack. Instead of holding it the way people usually do, with fingers pointing toward the bulb, invert your fist and grip the flashlight with the bulb pointing away from your thumb. This allows you to use the handle for either jabbing or swinging like a baton.

Modern tactical flashlights are very bright. By bright I mean it hurts your brain to look at them – bright. If someone is threatening you, just flash the light in their eyes and blind them temporarily while you make your get away or maneuver into position.

How do you get one? Here is one for FREE (Yes, with FREE Shipping).

Oh… and here’s a short video of how useful it is: