10 Essential Dating Tips For Men (From A Woman)


1. A little confidence goes a long way

I used to date a very sweet but shy guy who laughed every time he felt uncomfortable. That awkward laugh made me feel pretty uncomfortable as well. A little shyness can actually be a nice quality in a man, but if it’s crippling, try to find ways to get it under control. Instead of being overcome by anxiety, your date will probably appreciate you disclosing your shyness – and you’ll feel a lot more at ease. Keep in mind that if she agreed to the date, she’s obviously somewhat interested. Try taking your date to a place that you know and where you feel comfortable. Ask her questions and find commonalities. Approach her as though she’s a friend; this will help you to relax and be yourself. Check out this guru if you’re after more advice on how to conquer your shyness.


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