The Cutest Couples in the Animated World

20130202-112601-am400It’s both adorable and a bit sad that some of the cutest couples you’ll ever meet are found in animated films. You and your partner could probably take a lesson from one of these modern – yet classic – pairs:

Shrek and Princess Fiona – Shrek

History’s funniest ogre, who redefined his race for modern generations, taught us that beauty is only skin deep. Fiona opened the floodgates when she got together with Shrek: making it culturally acceptable for young girls everywhere to fall in love with huge, unattractive men! However, it was not until they got over their preconceptions of each other that they were able to see each other for who they really are, and form a relationship that changed all the rules.

Belle and the Beast – Beauty and the Beast

Another couple which eschewed the societal norms of love. This interspecies couple shocked audiences with its depiction of romance mixed with theoretical bestiality. Would this couple consummate their love? Would that be legal? What kind of child would it create? What is clear is that Belle and the Beasts’ love is not about looks, at least in the case of Belle’s feelings – she is pretty hot. Although they begin as enemies, the brusque Beast winds up charming Belle after he saves her from a pack of wolves and corrects his rude behavior for her benefit. What we can learn from the Beast is that true love often makes us want to be better versions of ourselves.

Ellie and Carl – Up

This love story, although briefly depicted at the beginning of “Up,” is both touching and heartbreaking. We watch as the couple meets, falls in love and grows old together: tackles the all too real issue of financial difficulties and health issues. It’s hard to believe that an animated couple could be so touching, and in such a short amount of time. The fact that Carl is left alone and without children sets the scene for the rest of the film’s adorable plot.

Hiccup and Astrid – How to Train your Dragon

Hiccup and Astrid are complete opposites! While Hiccup is, as his name suggests, an awkward fellow, Astrid is a strong-willed and powerful young Viking woman. Their first meeting is a disaster of male self-confidence, which touches on the ethical and moral dilemma of killing mythical animals. Everything is resolved, however, when Astrid realizes that sensitive guys can also be attractive and dragons don’t necessarily need to die.