Oldie But Goodie: The Stars Over 50 Who Rocked the 2015 Grammys

Grammys-2015-Madonna-Fights-Rides-Bulls-with-Living-for-Love-Video-472512-2Forget all the talk about Beyonce’s soul-stirring performance and the shenanigans of Kanye West. The real stars of the almost-four-hour-long 2015 Grammy Awards were the over-50 crowd!¬†All the youngsters in the crowd, and industry, could learn a lot from the veterans who made the ceremony interesting.

Here are the “oldies but goodies” that rocked the Grammys:


The 56-year-old singer/songwriter, known for the string of sexy muses he’s had over the years and for temporarily changing his name to a hieroglyphic symbol in the 1990s, received a standing ovation when he presented the award for Best Original Song. Aside from his audacious outfit, people were struck by his youthful appearance.


The 56-year-old queen of pop blew away the audience when she performed her new single “Living for Love” which featured half-naked dancers dressed as bulls, the singer hanging midair, a sexy matador’s costume and Madonna’s own ridiculously fit body. The internet reacted appropriately, with the topic #madonnais56 blowing up on Twitter.

Jane Fonda

Hollywood veteran Jane Fonda showed up on the red carpet wearing a jade-green Balmain jumpsuit that turned every head in Los Angeles. She proved that, at 77, years she is still the beauty we remember from Barbarella.

Paul McCartney

The 72-year-old former Beatle was recently featured, along with Kanye West, on Rihanna’s new single. Proving that he’s just as relevant as ever, he could be seen having a ton of fun throughout the evening.

Annie Lennox

The award-winning songstress who changed the 1980s with her iconic songs (also as part of the band the Eurhythmics), Annie Lennox, brought down the house when she performed “Take Me to Church” with Hozier. This 60-year-old diva of song gave the night one of its biggest highlights.

Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett, the 88-year-old Jazz and vocal legend, a contemporary of Frank Sinatra, teamed up with Lady Gaga, a relative newcomer, to produce an album of jazz standards in 2014. Now frequently performing together, the unlikely pair showed a natural chemistry when they sang “Cheek to Cheek” stage.

Tom Jones

You might not know this, but Tom Jones was such a huge teen idol and sex icon in the 1960s that he was famous for having young ladies throw their panties at him on stage. Now 74 years old, the handsome Welsh crooner showed that he could still wow audiences when he sang, “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin”’ with Jessie J.