Last Goodbye: The Most-Watched Final TV Episodes of all Time

MASH-tv-show400With the recent airing of the finale of Parks and Recreation, we decided to take a look back at some of the most famous TV finales of all time.

Year: 1983
Viewers: 105.9 million
This comic series, set in a US military camp, was also the most-watched series finale of all time. Alan Alda both directed and starred.

The Fugitive
Year: 1967
Viewers: 78 million
Younger viewers might be familiar with this story from the 1993 film starring Harrison Ford. Much earlier, it was a hit TV show.

Year: 1998
Viewers: 76.3 million
The final episode of this “show about nothing” – co-written by Larry David, later of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fame – disappointed many critics and fans alike.

Year: 1993
Viewers: 80.4 million
In a bygone age when everyone in America smoked and drank more (the 1980s), this comedy – set in a neighborhood bar – led to an equally popular spinoff, Frasier.

Year: 2004
Viewers: 52.5 million
The final episode had the job of clearing up many of addicted fans’ relationship questions: Would Rachel And Ross or Monica and Chandler wind up together?

Magnum, P.I.
Year: 1988
Viewers: 50.7 million
This action-heavy detective series made Tom Selleck a household name.

The Cosby Show
Year: 1992
Viewers: 44.4 million
The show which brought positive, educated, affluent  African-American characters into the homes of millions of Americans ended with an NYU graduation and a surprise pregnancy. It also led to the spinoff “A Different World” and its own reboot, years later.

All in the Family
Year: 1979
Viewers: 40.2 million viewers
In the final episode, America’s favorite working-class curmudgeon finally told his wife that he loved her. This show featured a lot of important television firsts: the first live studio audience, first toilet flush heard on TV, first gay character and first use of the words “goddamnit” and the n-word.

Family Ties
Year: 1989
Viewers: 36.3 million
Viewers said goodbye to the 1980s’ most likeable white suburban family – and the show that launched the career of Michael J. Fox.

Home-Improvement-home-improvement-tv-show-30922887-1024-768200  Home Improvement
Year: 1999
Viewers: 35.5 million
Former convict Tim Allen turned his life around at the start of this popular sitcom, which ranked higher in ratings than some of the biggest shows of its day.