How Would Our Favorite Superheroes Look in the Renaissance?

16th-century-super-heroes-16400Sacha Goldberger, a French photographer, has brought together two of his favorite worlds: superheroes of the 20th century and portraiture from Flanders of the 16th century. In this super-cool photo shoot, the photographer transports the most iconic comics heroes in a time machine, and reimagines them as subjects of Renaissance era paintings.

The “Super Flamands” photographs don’t use any Photoshop – they were staged using actual models, costumes and makeup artistry. “I am so fond of super heroes, and I was also raised with Flemish paintings in my parent’s house,” said Goldberger. “With this series, I am speaking about a lot of things, like European romanticism, mortality, vulnerability…“

The series was a massive undertaking that took Goldberger and his large team five years to complete – including finding lookalike models, create comics-inspired 16th-century grab, and much more.

See the astounding results below. Which portrait came out the best?