After Birdman, Hugh Jackman Wants to Play Wolverine Forever

wolverineee-header-4-steps-to-being-as-dangerous-as-the-wolverine400The film Birdman, which recently won the Academy Award for Best Picture, tells the story of an actor haunted by the superhero role he played for years. Casting Michael Keaton in that role is both brilliant and ironic since he, in real life, played Batman when the character was resurrected on screens in 1989, after a hiatus of more than 20 years.

Hugh Jackman, who has played the razor-clawed superhero Wolverine in six films to date, apparently saw himself in the character as well. Jackman told magazine Cigar Aficionado, “The moral is that I should never stop playing Wolverine. I’ve got to find a way to keep playing him until I die.”

Does this mean that we should expect Jackman to play Wolverine until he physically cannot? Does this stem from a fear that losing the aura which builds around a “superhero” actor will be his downfall? Whatever the reasons behind Jackman’s comment, it will be interesting to see what happens with the role in the future.