15 YouTube Celebrities Worth Watching

These days, culture is being shaped more and more by YouTube, the popular video-upload website that has only been around for ten years. YouTube serves as a platform for discovering talent and shaping popular tastes in music and television media. YouTube has also become a major source of income for people around the world. An account known as “DC Toys Collector” that uploads toy-related videos earned its owner $4.9 million in 2014.

YouTube has basically changed our culture’s ideas of celebrity, media and entertainment. Anyone with the ability to entertain an online audience for a sustained period of time can launch themselves on YouTube with the sky as the limit. There are countless numbers of people on YouTube, uploading videos as we speak and on a regular basis, hoping that they will get noticed by a Hollywood producer, makeup industry executive or otherwise. Hundreds of these YouTube hopefuls have already managed to break into the online mainstream and garner millions of views. Here is a list of some YouTube celebrities worth knowing:

John and Hank Green

John Green – author of the hugely-popular book The Fault in Our Starts – and his brother Hank, known collectively as the Vlogbrothers, share their poisons and observations on a pretty wide array of topics, from orgasms to antique machinery.

Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens presents his Vsauce videos that offer lots of interesting educational information in clever, entertaining packaging.

CGP Grey

Similar to Vsauce, CGP Grey’s channel attempts to present cool, intelligent information in a casual, fun way. Unlike Stevens – whose videos meander about on their way to answering the question posed in the title – Grey focuses in depth on a single topic for an entire video.

Daniel Kim

While Daniel Kim is a very pedantic and slightly annoying online character, his multiple platforms include the slightly fantastic and very popular annual Pop Danthologies, video and audio mashups of the year’s most popular songs.


TotalBiscuit mostly reviews new video games, in a British accent.


You could spend hours just listening to Ashens’ British humor – featured mostly in highly sarcastic unboxing videos of crappy products he finds in UK discount stores.


SomecallmeJohnny is one of a legion of vlogging gamers, sharing his sarcastic, tongue in cheek opinions and anecdotes about retro and classic video games.

FPS Russian

The star of FPS Russia calls himself “the professional Russian,” although there’s significant room for doubt about whether he is actually Russian (the awful accent is a giveaway). This fellow has garnered a YouTube following by shooting stuff with various guns.

Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link create viral videos and funny video clips on random subjects for their channel, Good Mythical Morning.

Jack Septic Eye

Jack Septic Eye is another of an apparently endless population of gamers that narrate their play for viewers who clearly have nothing better do in life. The fact that he has a significant following despite his irritating, headache-inspiring voice is quite remarkable.


NerdCubed is a YouTube channel where you can watch people sarcastically narrate videogames he plays. Apparently, there is a huge market for this.

Crazy Russian Hacker

The Crazy Hacker is another Russian YouTube vlogger with a fascinating accent. He specializes in doing weird, quirky experiments, hacks and construction projects – including a lot of creative can-opening videos, for some reason.


Grav3yardgirl’s biggest asset is her huge personality, like it or not, which takes center stage on her YouTube channel as she mindlessly discusses a wide range of subjects for no apparent reason and takes her followers along for the ride.

Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart is the presenter of My Drunk Kitchen, which – as you might guess from the name – is a series of cooking-while-drunk tutorials. Hart has already translated her online celebrity into a book deal and burgeoning acting career.

Scott Bradlee

Scott Bradlee presents the video series Postmodern Jukebox, a series of cool covers of popular songs in retro styles of music.