10 Most Underrated Irish Hotties

jamie-dornanStars like Colin Farrell and 50 Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan are only the tip of Irelands known hotties.

Here’s a list of equally if not more sexy Irishmen for you to enjoy:

1. Cillian Murphy

Cillian had a very rich acting career but stayed under the radar for a long time.

His name skyrocketed however after appearing in “Bat Man Begins” and “Inception,” alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. The native of Cork County, Ireland has the world’s most arresting blue eyes and a big acting talent.

2. Andrea Corr

Remember the hit band from the 1990s, The Corrs? Well, Andrea Corr, the lead singer, is also one of the prettiest ladies in Ireland. In 2000 she was voted 26 on FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women” list.

3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

This native of Dublin has broken a thousand hearts, probably because he’s constantly cast as a bad-boy leading man. He played a rock star in “Velvet Goldmine”, Henry the 8th in “The Tudors”, and a seductive killer in “Match Point.”

His brooding good looks have scored him quite a few big-name modeling jobs.

4. Lisa Hannigan

Hannigan started out as a backup singer for Damien Rice but eventually released her own highly acclaimed album, “Sea Sew” in 2008.

5. John Duddy

Known as “The Derry Destroyer,” Duddy is a famous middleweight boxer who has also done a lot of political advocacy in the name of Irish immigration reform in the US.

6. Gemma Hayes

This figure in the Irish indie-music-world comes from a village called Ballyporeen, which was mentioned in the Counting Crows song “Washington Square,” which Hayes co-wrote with band front man Adam Durtz.

Sadly genltemen, she is now married with a child.

7. Stuart Townsend

Aside from being Charlize Theron’s ex, the native of Dublin is a talented actor in his own right who has appeared in films like Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”.

8. Des Bishop

Bishop is famous in Ireland for his standup comedy. While born in New York, he’s lived in since the age of 15 and speaks fluent Gaelic. Apparently, he is cute and talented enough that Ireland claims him as one of its own.

9.  Nadine Coyle

Rumored at times to be dating Jesse Metcalfe and NFL player Jason Bell – Coyle was the winner of the Irish version of American Idol, parlaying her newfound fame to join a girl band called Six.

When it was discovered that she had lied about her age (16 and not 18) for the reality competition, she was kicked out. However, the young lady would not be deterred. She went on to win another reality singing competition and then joined Girls Aloud, one of the most successful bands in the UK.

10. Rosanna Davison

Davison is history’s first and only Miss World hailing from Ireland. She also comes from Irish celebrity bloodlines: her dad is the one-hit-wonder musician of the 1980s, Chris de Burgh.