Watch: A Hornet Gets Cooked Alive By Bees


The animal kingdom is a rough neighborhood. In the case of insects, it is always remarkable to witness the immense powers they possess compared to their relatively small size and delicate structure.

Did you know? The Giant Japanese Hornet has teeth so sharp and deadly that it can kill 40 honeybees in one minute. In a group, they can easily decimate an entire bee colony. However, bees have evolved and developed amazing behaviors in order to defend themselves from the killer hornet.

Instead of stinging, as it might other enemies, a honeybee will, with its compatriots, swarm a hornet, tightly packing it into a ball of bees. The bees will then, altogether, begin vibrating. This raises the temperature inside the ball, where the hornet is stuck, to 47.2 ºC. Trapped in this “oven” of bees, the hornet is doomed – hornets can tolerate less heat than bees, in fact, only temperatures up to 46.1 ºC. It will burn and die.

Watch honeybees viciously attack a hornet and defend their colony: