Top 5 Coolest Gadgets Under $50


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Get your life in gear with 5 of our favorite gadgets of 2017 that won’t break the bank!

#5: Ridiculously fast & nimble JJRC Mini Drone

Drone fever is catching all the boys (and men) nowadays.

If you’re looking for extreme fun for you and your kids, without breaking the bank, you’re going to fly high with this gadget. The Nano Hexacopter is an amazing little flyer – crazy fast and very stable, it is the ultimate Mini Drone out there, and with a ridiculous price tag of $49.99 it’s also the cheapest one around.

It’s great fun for beginners and experienced drone users, the propeller guards are flexible so it won’t break so easily (but obviously try not to smash into walls too often…)

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#4: 8x Optical Zoom Clip-On Telescope for Smartphones (Android or iPhone)

Now you can easily give your smartphone superpowers by turning it into a telescopic lens!

Ever wondered what’s going on in your neighbors’ back yard? Spying on people with this gadget couldn’t be easier…

With this lens you can get 8X Zoom on any target – very useful at any sports match / concert / festival, or to take amazing nature photos, as well as amateur spying 😉

This bad boy is suitable for all smartphones (Android & iPhone), folds up super compact and is very light weight so you can take with you anywhere.

Just get your hands on one here.

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