Top 12 Most Unique Gadgets For The Man Who Has Everything

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Transparent Practice Padlock For Wannabe Lockpickers

In this set, what you’ll find are 12 lock-picking tools, a pair of keys, and a transparent practice padlock. Allowing you to see the full inner-workings that go into locking, opening, and picking a lock!

Mini Car DVR Dash Camera (Full Hd 1080p)

Keep an extra eye on the road with this easily mounted, HD dash cam. With 1080p Full HD recording quality, loop recording, motion detection, and infrared night vision, this camera will be your expert witness in any accident, or to video (or take stills of) a particularly memorable drive.

8x Optical Zoom Clip-on Telescope Camera Lens

Give your smartphone superpowers by turning it into a telescopic lens! This clip-on telescope is very small, light and compact, so you can take it with you wherever you go to take high quality photos, without any hassle.

Motion Activated Toilet Light with 8 Different Colors

This light, with the help of its motion-activated sensor, softly illuminates the inside of your toilet bowl whenever you go near it and turns back off the moment you leave, ensuring you never get blinded again when you need a wee in the middle of the night.

Ultra Bright Aluminum Tactical Flashlight (Rechargeable)

A flashlight bright enough to blind a bear! Rechargeable & Waterproof. Go on, you know you need this…

1080p Surveillance Camera With Night Vision

When connected to your phone via the app, you’ll have a full 355º horizontal and 110º vertical view, just with the scroll of your finger! Think of this camera as your third eye that never leaves the house.

Sunglasses With Built-in Video Recording Camera (720x480px)

Whether used for extreme sports, undercover operations, spying, just for fun, or stuff we don’t want to know about, these glasses guarantee no moment in time slips away…

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (With Suction Pad For The Shower)

With this Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, you can stream your favorite playlists from your smartphone straight to the speaker in your shower. It attaches conveniently with a built-in suction pad and you don’t even need to jump out to change the song, all the buttons you need are right on the speaker…


This tiny camera boasts so many functions, we can’t list them all here. 1080p HD, motion detection, night vision, loop cycle recording and much more.

Spycam (1080p HD) That Looks Like A USB Charger

This “charger” is so great at spying because no one will ever look at this and think a mini camera is built inside -But it is!