Top 10 Gadgets Under $30

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Get your life in gear with these top 10 gadgets of 2019 that won’t break the bank!

10. Wireless Bluetooth Receiver (Throw Away Your AUX Cord!)

This has to be one of the greatest products ever sold on the Super Gadget Store!

This new hands-free invention uses a 3.5mm Bluetooth receiver and will allow you to play your favourite music on-the-go without the need to fuss over an AUX cable! Comes equipped with HD Microphone and latest noise cancellation technology to give you the most immersive mobile sound experience!

Want to play music from your phone using your car stereo? Easy. Just plug this bad boy into the mic port of your car, sync it with your phone and you will be able to use your car’s speakers right away.

A car kit is just the tip of the iceberg. This baby works well with normal headphones, or your home stereo. I tested it on every wired speaker I could find…instant Bluetooth connectivity. The built in mic made Bluetooth calls a reality in my dinosaur of a truck.

Wide compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver compatible with most smartphones, ideal for home or vehicle audio systems.

Talk with clarity: Hands-free calling with the built-in microphone makes catching up with friends a breeze.

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9. World’s Smallest Spy Camera

This camera is the size of your thumb. And takes pictures and video with one button…

Whether you’re tired of bringing large bulky cameras with you, or if you want the perfect hidden spy camera that no one will ever spot, this little guy is your best option.

Only an inch tall and an inch wide, this camera can still produce high quality pictures and video. With a camera of 2 million pixels and a video resolution of 30fps, this mini camera works like a charm! And it all operates on just one button…

Simply press and hold the button to turn it on. Once you see the tiny red LED light, you’re ready to start snapping away.

Press it once to take a picture, or press and hold to record a video. Simple! And everything’s conveniently stored onto the inserted micro SD/TF card for you to look at later.

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8. Smart LED Color Bluetooth Speaker Bulb (with Remote)

If you love pretty lights and music, this might be the best lightbulb you’ll ever use…

Whether you’re throwing a party or relaxing in your room, a nice atmosphere and a nice song can transform your experience. And with this 2-in-1 lightbulb, you can get the best of both worlds.

Once the bulb is powered up (E27 base), and your phone’s connected (Bluetooth), the party begins…

With just one remote (included) and a push of a button, you can paint your room up to 8 vibrant colors. For a relaxing, laid-back vibe, hit the “Fade” or “Smooth” button and watch the bulb slowly change colors. Or for a party/club-like feel, hit “Flash” or “Strobe” to see a rainbow of colors pulsate and take over your room.

Now, just connect your phone and play your favorite song to experience the sound system of this powerful speaker! And if you want to get real fancy, change the bulb to a color that matches the mood of the tune.

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7. Mini Bluetooth Tracker (Never Lose Your Keys Again…)

Not again… You’ve lost your keys and can’t find them. You’ve spent hours searching your entire house and car. But still, nothing found.

This might sound familiar to you. And if it does, you might want to get this tracking device because when you have it, you can find anything almost instantly…

Simply download the free compatible app — onto your phone, and sync your Bluetooth tracker. Once connected, you’re ready to put it to the test.

Attach the tracker to your keys, or place it in your wallet, bag, car, or even a pet. Now, when you need to find something, go onto the app and sound the alarm. As long as you’re within 75 feet, the tracker will play a loud noise so you can follow and find exactly where it’s coming from. Amazing!

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6. Mini USB Wireless Keyboard + Touchpad for all Android Devices

Watch movies on your TV-connected laptop or game console? Then this might sound familiar…

You connect your laptop to your TV and play a movie. Your friends and family are all watching and having a blast. But someone needs you to pause it for a second because they have to go do something…

So now, after already lying down comfortably on your couch, you now have to get up and walk towards your laptop just to push a button. How annoying!

Don’t you just wish you can pause the movie without needing to move? Well, now you can…

This complete wireless keyboard with a built-in trackpad, allows you to swiftly navigate and easily control your laptop, game console, tablet, cellphone or HTPC from up to 10 meters (33 feet) away!

Powered by just 2 AA batteries, simply plug the receiver into your USB port, and you can start using it instantly while relaxing on your couch or bed. And with its compact, hand-held design, it’s as easy as typing from a normal computer. Only this time, you don’t have to constantly hunch over your laptop all day.

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5. Smart Watch (Compatible with iOS & Android Phones)

Transform your smart phone into a smartwatch! Perform all your essential functions (and more) directly on your wrist…

With a small 1.56 inch TFT LCD touchscreen, you can easily navigate between menus and apps with a tap of your finger. Able to insert a micro SIM card, as well as TF card, this smartwatch is capable of doing many things.

Including making phone calls, answering phone calls, playing music, and taking pictures. Yes! With its built-in camera, microphone, and loud speakers, this is all possible. Just think about how convenient this is.

But that’s not all…

This smartwatch also has other features like finding a missing phone, storing contacts, a pedometer, a sleep monitor, and a calendar — all neatly stored on your wrist!

Designed to have everything easily accessible, this is a must-have for busy people, people who are always on the move, and for someone who just wants a cool, unique device.

This watch has been featured also on many blogs as one of the best rated smartwatches of 2019

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4. USB Electronic Flameless Lighter

Ever had trouble keeping the flame alive on your lighter? Tired of having to constantly buy new ones? Well, with this flameless (yes, flameless) lighter, you’ll never have to buy another one again…

Operating completely on electricity, this lighter doesn’t need any gas, fuel, or refills. Simply charge the built-in battery with the included USB cable, and it’s ready for use.

Enclosed within a sleek metal case, all you have to do is flip the top open, and press the button on its side to start a “flame.” This “flame” is actually an electric arc in the shape of a glowing purple “X” for a much cooler effect!

Small, flameless, and windproof, makes this lighter a safe and more effective way to light a cigarette. It also looks pretty cool…

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3. Mini Flexible USB Cooling Fan with LED Clock

This fan instantly creates a real-time clock in midair…

The next time you use your laptop, simply plug this into the USB port. And it’ll power on right away. Not only to cool you down with its gentle breeze, but to also draw a complete clock to show you the time.


In one out of the two soft blades, is a built-in led light that glows a bright red and green. The green lights shape the outline of the clock and its numbers. And the red lights form the clock’s three hands — hour, minute, and second.

So when powered on, a full clock, telling real time, will appear right before your eyes!

And with its long, flexible neck, you can bend and shape the fan however you want for maximum comfort while using your laptop!

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2. Colorful LED Shower Head With Purifying Mineral Balls

Chances are, your shower-head is like everyone else’s — plain grey color, round head, perforated to let streams of water shoot out… How boring!

But with this shower-head, you can turn streams of water into a clean, purified, waterfall of light!

With its temperature-responsive LED lights, the color of your shower-head automatically changes depending on how hot or cold your water is. Amazing! So not only will you be sprinkled with colored droplets, but you can also tell when it’s warm enough to jump in.

If the water’s cold, it’ll shine a bright green. If warm, a soothing blue. And if hot, a bold red.

But that’s not all… Filled inside its handle are tens of anion mineral balls. What for? To purify and remove chlorine from your tap water, all before it reaches your skin so you can feel refreshed, cleaned, and rejuvenated after every shower!

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1. Blue LED Digital Alarm Clock with Message Board & 4 Port USB Hub

Do you have to get up early in the morning? Do you always forget things? And do you need more USB ports in the house?

Now, these questions might not seem related, but you’re about to discover how they are…

This alarm clock isn’t your average time-tracking, loud music-playing machine. Although it’ll still wake you up at 6AM each morning, you won’t be angrily slapping the snooze button on this one. Why?

For four reasons…

First, it doesn’t have an easily accessible “Snooze” button. The snooze is on the back. But this ensures you get up on time each morning, instead of rushing out the door, late as usual.

Second, this alarm clock has a fluorescent LED screen you can draw and write on! Perfect for those boring late nights where you struggle to sleep, just start drawing on this panel to quickly ease your pain and stress. Or leave a message for yourself, or for your family to see later. Then, switch on the backlight to illuminate what’s on the board.

Thirdly, it comes with 4 USB ports! Making this the best alarm clock by your bedside to plug in and charge all your electronics.

And of course, it automatically displays time, date, and temperature.

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