The RoboChef, Planned For 2017, Can Cook All Your Meals

db009d16-e216-11e4-_887880bWhile there are plenty of people who love cooking and don’t need their arm twisted to get into the kitchen, after a long day of work, most would much rather pass on the task of fixing dinner. This situation leads a lot of working people and busy stay-at-home parents to opt for take-out food, which is both expensive and often unhealthy.

A super cool , futuristic solution to the problem is on the horizon: Moley Robotics, a British company, recently unveiled a prototype for a “robochef” at the Hannover Messe technology fair, in Germany.

The robotic chef comprises two highly movable robotic arms that are to be installed on the ceiling of a kitchen. The complex device can record human actions in 3D and then imitate them. Chef Tim Anderson “taught” the prototype robot how to cook in a motion-capture studio.

The company hopes to release a commercially available version of the “robochef” by 2017, featuring both the hardware involved and a library of thousands of recipes. The planned version will (how cool is this) even allow users to control the “robochef” remotely, using an app, so that dinner could be prepared not only while you’re sitting on the couch but in advance, while you’re still at work. Built-in cameras will be able to study a user’s own movements when creating dishes, letting them upload their own recipes to the system. Unfortunately, but expectedly, this life-changing technology will not come cheap: approximately $15,000 for a unit.