The 10 Scariest Things in Nature

1. The effects of snake venom.Scary Nature - Snake Venom Blood600

2. The parasite that eats a fish’s tongue and then replaces it for life.Scary Nature - Fish Tongue Parasite400

3. A shaved bear.article-1225042-0711BCAC000005DC-579_634x428600

4. War pigs, which were lit on fire and released to scare elephants with their squeals of pain, as a tactic of ancient warfare.
Scary Nature - Flaming Pig

5. The frogs of Hamburg, Germany, in 2006, that expanded three times their normal size and exploded for no apparent reason. It was later realized that local birds had figured out how to eat the frogs’ livers without killing them, leading to the strange swelling.Scary Nature - Exploding Frog600

6. Coconut crabs, which, at three feet long, can climb up trees and devour chickens and cats.Scary Nature - Coconut Crab

7. The “horror frog” that breaks its own bones in order to grow claws.Scary Nature - Horror Frog600

8. The “blanket octopus” that rips its enemies into pieces, and in order to mate, rips off its own limbs and gives them to a female of the species.Scary Nature - Blanket Octopus

9. Fulmar chicks, that vomit a sticky, awful substance at its enemies, inhibiting their movement.Scary Nature - Puking Bird600

10. The parasitic fungus “cordyceps,” which will slowly take over all the tissue of its victim.Scary Nature - Cordyceps600