Tattooed Boob-twerking YouTube Star Sara X is back for Valentine’s Day


saraxFor most people Valentine’s Day is all about love, red roses, romantic dinners and cheesy greeting cards.

If you are looking for something a little more alternative, check out the latest Valentine’s video by Sara X, the tattooed hottie of YouTube fame who is probably better known to the Internet masses as ‘musical boob twerking girl’.

The former stripper from LA was nothing short of an Internet sensation last year, with over 26 million views of her twerking her silicone breasts in time to Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik.

To all the trolls and haters, Sara had this to say:

‘Mostly the people who have negative things to say about my character, or my presumed profession, past profession, and life decisions don’t get that the video is meant to be humorous, and operate under the assumption that I just wanted to show the world my boobs.’

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Watch the video here: