Suffering From The Heat? This Amazing New Device Will Cool You Down

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Do NOT suffer through another long, sweaty summer – This new personal Air Cooler will chill you right down!

What is it? It’s a Portable Mini Air Cooler that is SO simple to operate:

  • Fill it with normal tap water – and that’s it
  • Plug it in to start cooling you down, as well as breathing super clean air!

Be prepared, because this summer is going to be a HOT one.

Traditional Air Conditioners are outdated. They are very expensive to install and even more costly to run, turning every summer electricity bill into a nasty surprise. External aircons are ugly and bulky, taking up half a cupboard during winter when they are not in use. They are also difficult and annoying to clean and not portable in any way, so you need to install one in every room, not to mention the fact that they can never be used outside.

Fans are nice. They are way cheaper and less bulky. Problem is they just blow around HOT air and don’t have much of a cooling effect unless you cover yourself in water first.

For some of us the hot scorching weather is already starting to become too much. Especially at night it becomes impossible to fall asleep in the humid, stuffy air.

Thousands of people have already discovered a much cheaper alternative to cool themselves during the summer months.

Now EVERYONE is talking about this new genius invention.

What are we talking about?

It’s the new Portable Mini Air Cooler, an innovative alternative to Aircons that cools you down just the same, without breaking the bank. Perfect for those super hot days and nights!

The Portable Mini Air Cooler is an ultra-compact, lightweight mini A/C box. It uses only a fraction of the electricity, without sacrificing any of the main benefits of a top Aircon.

People are using them to cool themselves and purify their air on those super hot, humid days and nights – the results are incredible…

How does it work?

We were surprised by how easy it is to set up! First, you have to plug it into either a socket supply OR any USB port (it’s low energy so can even run off of a phone or laptop battery!).

Once you have done that, simply fill up the inbuilt reservoir with 20oz/0.6L of normal tap water.

And then the best part comes, the instant cool air!

The controls are just superb, really easy to understand and stylish. The cool, breezy air from the Portable Mini Air Cooler feels natural and clean – because it is!

What makes this little box so special?

The main benefits of the Portable Mini Air Cooler are its portability, price, ease of use and cooling effect.

The box is just larger than a lunchbox. Combine that with the fact that it can be powered by a pocket solar panel or battery pack and you probably have the world’s most portable AC unit.

Bad sleepers are putting the Portable Mini Air Cooler next to their bed at night. The relaxing breeze of cool, clean air, the soothing soft night light and the quiet, calming white noise of the fan create the perfect sleeping conditions!

Mini Air Cooler’s users claim they’re sleeping better than ever and waking up more rested and full of energy!

And so far, we have not even mentioned that the Portable Mini Air Cooler is also filtering the dust and harmful particles out of your air. Improving your overall health, boosting your immune system and shortening your recovery time from sickness. It is like breathing the cleanest Swiss mountain air!

We all know traditional AC units are full of dust, harmful mold and dangerous bacteria particles. You then breathe that toxic mixture into your lungs, which can cause big health problems later on

With your Portable Mini Air Cooler, you can easily and safely remove and wash the filter. No need to call an expensive AC specialist to do that!

It is recommended to wash / replace the filters every 6 months.

Choose from 7 Soft ‘Mood’ light colour options for the perfect sleep!

Last but not least, the price is just amazing. Most AC units cost at least $300+ AND you have to pay for installation AND cover the expensive electricity bills each month… we all have bills to pay every month and don’t need more!

With this device you have NO messy installation and NO expensive electricity bills. This has to be the single best value-for-money cooling device available right now!

It will be the best investment you make in the coming summer.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Such a quality unit for this price makes us definitely say yes! Its portable, powerful, effective and cheap to run. Just think of the amazing sleep and comfort you can get with your Portable Mini Air Cooler

Top Tips:

  • To make your air even cooler – add a bottle of chilled tap water from your refrigerator OR even bits of ice!
  • For a beautiful relaxing atmosphere – add a few drops of scented essential oils to the water!

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