Reward Your Inner Tech Nerd With These Ingenious Gadgets

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These Silicone Sticky Gel Pads let you stick pretty much anything to anywhere:

This ridiculously fast & nimble mini drone will take your selfies from above!

This ingenious motion-activated toilet light will ensure you never get blinded again when you need a wee in the middle of the night:

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This tiny camera records in 1080p HD and boasts both night vision and a motion detector:

These high quality wireless earphones never get in the way and cost less than $40 (free shipping worldwide):

This 18X zoom lens with tripod can turn any smartphone into a powerful telescope, allowing you to take incredible pictures of far away objects:

This flexible mini tripod for smartphones and cams can wrap around pretty much anything for the ultimate selfie:

Put this mini bluetooth tracking device on your keyring. Then make it beep via your phone when you misplace your keys (so you never need to look for them again):

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This rugged solar power bank is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast. It’s waterproof and can charge 2 phones simultaneously using the suns rays:

This simple 2G mobile phone is the size of a credit card and costs less than dinner for one:

This portable handheld game console has 3000 built-in retro games like Pacman, BubbleBobble, Tetris and many more (you won’t believe how inexpensive this is):

If you’re a cyclist you will want to be seen and noticed, especially at night. Gain better visibility, while bringing a bit of humour to your commute with this funny bike taillight: