Crazy Airline Secrets Revealed (These Will Save You A Fortune!)

o-AIRPLANE-CABIN-570With rising airfare costs, taking trips that require flying costs a fortune. However, there are ways to get around all the ways that the airlines are ripping you off right and left.

Every day we are bombarded with advertisements for vacations at beautiful resorts where the drinks are flowing and the waters are crystal blue. Where the food looks impeccable and the list of resort activities is endless. The best part is? You get it all, a dream vacation for a cheap jerseys highly affordable package deal, lodgings and food included.

The only Post problem with this scenario, and it’s a big problem, is the flight. When the cost of the flight alone is more than the entire trip combined, you know there’s a problem. With the costs of plane tickets rising, travelling anywhere, whether to a vacation hotspot or to visit a beloved relative has become incredibly expensive, unaffordable for many. With extra fees and horrible customer service, reserving flights is a nightmare. You even have to pay to bring your luggage on the trip with you… So why is it that flights are so expensive. Why do the prices seem to keep rising?


Henry Rustkirk is a former airline reservations agent who explains it all. After being fired from his cheap nfl jerseys job, he’s decided to gather all of the insider travel secrets, and tricks of the airline industry, and to share them. With all his knowhow from his experience working for the airlines, he knows exactly how to get airfare for dirt cheap. He explains how no matter if you call on the phone, visit a discount travel site, or even use a travel agent, the airline system will squeeze every last dime that world! they can out of you. But he has the tips to help you avoid them.

In his guide, How To Save A Fortune On All Your Flights By Beating The Airlines At Their Own Game, he wholesale mlb jerseys shares:

  • Sneaky airline price tricks: How hidden fees and taxes are bumping up your airfare costs
  • A secret search sequence, designed to help you find the lowest fares
  • The fundamentals for frequent flyers
  • The top money saving techniques for booking airfare
  • The best time to book your ticket in order to save money
  • The truth about travel agents
  • A warning about travel sites and much more

When you’re ready In to stop being ripped off by the airlines and finally be able to take the trips that you’ve been waiting to afford, check out Rustkirk’s guide and start saving!