Top 3 Most Incredible Lottery Wins Of All Time


Lotteries are generally predictable: the odds are against you. However, the stories that follow prove that not only can you beat the insurmountable odds and win – sometimes it can happen in the craziest, most unlikely way ever!

Believe it or not, here are true stories of three individuals who won millions of dollars under incredible circumstances:

lucky_1636636aMan Beats all the Odds, in Life and the Lottery

Life can be a tough, dangerous series of events. If you think that you’ve had some tough breaks, we would like to introduce a Croatian man, Frane Selak, dubbed “the world’s luckiest man”, and “world’s luckiest unluckiest man”.

Frane survived a train crash. He was later hit by a bus. He accidentally drove off a cliff. Then he survived being dropped form an airplane. As if that wasn’t enough, later on, he was a passenger on a bus that crashed into a river, as well as in a car that went up in flames. After all of that, it seems that karma wanted to make up for his horrible luck – in 2003 he won $1 million in the Croatian national lottery.

gloriammackenzieElderly Lady Cuts In Line and Wins $590 Million

In 2013 Gloria Mackenzie, an 84-year-old resident of  Zephyrhills, Florida became the winner of the mind-blowing sum of $590,500,000 after buying a ticket for the U.S. Powerball jackpot.

Even crazier than the sum is the story of how she won. Mackenzie got in line to buy her lottery ticket at a Publix Supermarket in her hometown. A kind woman let the elderly Mackenzie cut ahead of her on line and, little to her knowledge, buy the winning Powerball ticket!

Perhaps owing to her respectable age, the winner opted to receive a lump sum of $370 million, instead of a structured payout over many years. After taxes, she received $278.

Despite her startling win, Mackenzie still shops at Walmart.

lotterytwiceTwo’s a Charm

In an apparent fluke of the computerized ticketing system, 60-year-old Stephen Cooke of Georgia, discovered that he had one of three winning tickets to a Mega Millions jackpot. Upon going to collect his $13 million in winnings, he realized that he actually had two winning tickets (for the same drawing) – he went home with $26 million instead!

When asked how he felt about the surprising double win, Cooke said, “It’s already astronomical. I hope I’ll never spend $13 million. That’s more money than I need.”